Nitin Dalal

The Milton criminal defense attorney Nitin Dalal believes that an experienced lawyer your best defense. If that belief is true, Mr. Dalal will provide you with the best defense possible given his years arguing criminal cases from two perspectives. The compassionate and empathetic Mr. Dalal gained the respect of his clients and peers over the breadth of his 22-year career in criminal law and general practice, and he will gladly provide you with the benefit of his experience when you need justice.


Not long after earning his degree from Suffolk University Law School, Nitin Dalal entered the world of criminal law as an Assistant District Attorney with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. While working for the D.A.’s office, he learned the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office. Mr. Dalal took the knowledge and experience with him when he began working as a criminal defense attorney in serving the Eastern Massachusetts area. Soon, there would be evidence of the respect Mr. Dalal earned. In 2008 the Dorchester District Court named him Attorney of the Year for his work as a defense litigator at jury trials.

The Attorney of the Year award speaks not only to Nitin Dalal’s excellence in the courtroom, but his willingness to help you as well. Mr. Dalal has evinced ability in jury trials, drunk driving cases, domestic violence and helping clients unleash the shackles of restraining orders. Moreover, as a former prosecutor, Mr. Dalal understands the potential impact of a criminal conviction on your life. When you’re under the thumb of the state, you stand to lose more than a fine or a few days in jail. You can lose your ability to be a functioning member of society in the future.

Compassionate Representation

Nitin Dalal will bring his years of experience as a criminal law attorney in Massachusetts to bear. He will sit with you to collect the facts as you see them, and predict how the prosecution will attempt to present events to convict you. After a conference with Mr. Dalal, you should feel assured that you have a committed representative who will doggedly protect your interests.

If you are in need of an attorney and you live in Boston, Chelsea, Barnstable County, Bristol County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Norfolk County or Suffolk County, call the Law Office of Nitin Dalal today. He can assist you with personal injury and immigration law as well as criminal defense needs.